Customized Gifts

We will craft your desired gift.

We are glad to introduce the "Customized Gifts Service" for all our customers. As part of this service we will create the craft item as per your specifications.

Gift Items part of this service :
- Polymer Clay miniature Desk Deco
- Polymer Clay Magnets
- Designer Photo Albums

How to avail the Customized Gifts Service ?
1. Mail your requirements to or via the form @ "How to ORDER?"
2. Please mention your requirements clearly (photo size, album size, no. of pages, miniature item or album, colour specifications, any theme etc.) in your mail or form, so that we will get a clear idea.
3. If required, we may contact you for more information so that we craft the order to your satisfaction.
4. We will provide a rough price estimate (if possible). On agreement to which we would proceed with crafting.
5. Once completed, we will email you the Price and Bank details for payment along with photos of your order.
6. When you reply to us with a payment confirmation mail, we will courier your order immediately.

Please Note : 
(i) A minimal shipping charge will be added to the price.
(ii) It will take 10 days for the item/s to be delivered after payment confirmation
(iii) Currently, we are taking orders only within India

Please check the photos of the customised gifts below, crafted for some of our customers

 Polymer Clay Miniature Scooter Desk Deco

Polymer Clay Miniature Faux Ring
Specs N Scissors - Customized Gifts - Magnet Message Holder
Polymer Clay Miniature Magnet - Book with a message holder

Specs N Scissors - Customized Gifts - GOODLUCK
Polymer Clay Miniature Desk Deco - Magic theme GOODLUCK gift

Specs N Scissors - Customized Gifts - Camera
Polymer Clay Miniature Desk Deco - Camera (Gift for a photographer friend)

Specs N Scissors - Customized Gifts - Happy Birthday Magnet

Polymer Clay Miniature Magnet - Magic theme HAPPY BIRTHDAY gift

Specs N Scissors - Customized Gifts - Vintage AlbumSpecs N Scissors - Customized Gifts - Vintage Album Pages
Designer Photo Album (10 X 8 inches ; 40 pages) - Vintage theme


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