My idle mind, a crafter's workshop

"Creativity is a way of life"

I read this line somewhere and I loved it. It is definitely a way of life.

Crafting was not a well thought over plan for me. It was something innate, something I always enjoyed doing since school days. I used to draw cards for my relatives every New Year. I loved gifting my friends and family something handmade. A habit I sustained through the years even after adulthood. Yes, the busy schedule of life does not allow me to do so all the time. But every now and then I still send hand made gifts to friends and family. I believe handmade items may not be as perfect as machine made but it's this imperfectness that adds to the uniqueness of the craft.

Off late I was having a lot of idle time. And as you may agree "An idle mind is a devil's workshop". So I thought of making my idle mind a crafter's workshop, instead. I started investing more time in crafting rather than the occasional rendezvous. This is when I came across my current craft teacher- Youtube.
I watched videos, learnt, created items, added my ideas and created new items. It is wonderful how much one can learn from the web.

Specs N Scissors - Crafter's Workshop
My idle mind, Crafter's Workshop
As I searched and researched, read craft blogs,started crafting often I realised that procuring craft supplies is one area which is a challenge in India. My mouth, literally starts watering when I see the supplies available outside India. It's not like we do not have craft supplies here but the variety , options and accessibility is less, in comparison. I came to know about craft supplies website after a lot of searching and from other like minded people. I wish someday we also have vast and cheaper craft supplies in India as well. 

Nevertheless, there are so many craftists (craft + artist) with beautiful and amazing creations. 

The items that I use in my crafts, I have ordered from;
In India-
Itsy Bitsy
The Craft Shop
Hobby Ideas
Ibrahim Road, parallel to MG Road, Bengaluru, India

Outside India-
Hobby Lobby

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